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What is a Wedding Content Creator?

Your wedding day, a day full of emotions and memories. A day that deserves to be chronicled in all its glory. While a traditional photographer and videographer are essential elements for a wedding day, who really wants to wait weeks until they receive their footage?

This is where Dear Brides steps in – a creative who captures the essence of your special day through a behind the scenes point of view.

New Zealand's first Wedding Content Creation service delivering you content within 24 hours of your day. Wake up and post to the world, so they too can relieve your special moments.

Social Media plays a huge part of everyone's lives. TikTok and Instagram Reels have stolen the hearts of many, with people sharing their lives through these platforms. Traditional videography videos are providing landscape, which makes it difficult to repurpose and post on these social media sites. That is why Dear Brides is different, they capture short form portrait content on the latest iPhone, designed to be posted on your socials.

Let's break it down a bit – what exactly is this, and how does it differ from your friend who's handy with a camera?

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The Wedding Content Creator

Essentially, a wedding content creator is the artist behind the iPhone who captures those candid, unscripted and behind the scene moments of your wedding. It's about going beyond the poses and capturing the authentic emotions that make your day unforgettable.

With three packages to choose from, you can have the Wedding Content Creator arrive prior to your videographer and photographer to capture those raw and unique moments of getting ready. They can also stay right until the very end, capturing the beautiful moment where you wave goodbye and drive away.

Wedding Content Creator vs. Your Friend

1. Skill and Expertise:

The thing about hiring a wedding content creator, such as Dear Brides, is that they've got experience. They've done this multiple times, so they know what works, they understand the unspoken rules around weddings and how to professionally work with a photographer and videographer. If you asked your friend, they may get in the way of the professionals at work. Rest assured that this doesn't happen with Dear Brides. Hannah will personally contact the other vendors, primarily photographer and videographer, to meet, discuss and plan a strategy for the day. All you need to do is sit back and enjoy.

2. Your number one hype girl:

Their role isn't limited to capturing moments; they will also be your number one hype girl. Cheering you on, encouraging you and being by your side.

3. Letting Friends Be Friends:

While your friends might have the best intentions, allowing them to fully enjoy the festivities is a gift in itself. Enlisting a content creator means your friends can be present without feeling obliged to capture every moment. Once the wine hits and the dance floor starts pumping, your friend will want to be enjoying the moment, not capturing content.

Don't look back on your special day and cringe at the low quality of the videos that your friends took. Feel confident knowing the footage you receive will be of the highest iPhone quality and shot at an expert level.

4. Mastering the Edit:

Remember the overwhelming task of sorting through heaps of photos and videos post-event? Well, a wedding content creator, such as Dear Brides, takes that off your plate. We hand you up to 6 pre-edited reels, so you can relive the highlights effortlessly.

5. Nailing the Nuances:

It's often the little details that paint the complete picture. A skilled content creator has an eye for those nuances, capturing the subtle moments that reflect the heart of your day.

Great, so I don't need a videographer or a photographer?

Wrong, sorry! Wedding Content Creators work in tandem with your videographer or photographer.

We strongly suggest sticking with a photographer, as Dear Brides, or any other Content Creator is not a substitute.

Our personal suggestion, hire all three. Relive your day with multiple forms of content. Don't just be limited to one.

What if I am not an influencer? Why would I need a Content Creator?

Considering that wedding photographers and videographers rank among the most sought-after vendors by couples, you might question the necessity of a Wedding Content Creator. Also, if you don't hold the status of an influencer, the relevance of social media content might seem pointless. Nonetheless, many of our clients don't categorise themselves as social media experts. In fact, some individuals don't even use social media altogether. The reason behind why people love this service is for their love for reliving the behind-the-scenes moments. Moments that only content creators can capture in short form video style.

Wedding behind the scenes

Why Not Just Any Content Creator?

Now, you might be wondering, "Can't I just hire any content creator?"

Here's the deal: weddings are a league of their own. They blend tradition, sentiment, and fleeting instances. A dedicated wedding content creator, like Dear Brides, gets this distinction. They're versed in the unique dynamics of weddings, ensuring your memories are treated with the sensitivity they deserve.

Cost for a Wedding Content Creator?

Many people are surprised to see that our packages are less than half to a fraction of what you would expect to pay a videographer. Instead of receiving one video, you can receive multiple. You have the freedom to find a package that suits your exact needs.

For our latest pricing guide, email

The Essence of Dear Brides:

Hannah from Dear Brides isn't merely a camera operator. She's your collaborator in preserving memories and your number one hype girl. Through consultations, she gets to know you and your vision. With her, it's not just about snapping shots; it's about capturing your narrative authentically.

Dear Brides provide both pre-edited content, ready to post directly to Instagram & TikTok, but also all of the raw footage. This allows you to play around and share the moments that you want.

As you dive into wedding preparations, remember this: a wedding content creator isn't just documenting events. They're crafting a visual testament to your cherished moments.

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