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Social Media Strategy


We firmly believe in empowering our clients to delve deeper into the realm of social media, enabling them to implement diverse strategies and foster their own growth. Rather than simply managing social media for you, we aim to provide you with the tools and insights necessary to confidently navigate the social media landscape and expand your presence. Our approach begins with comprehensive social media audits, where we collaborate with you to assess what's effective. If necessary, we offer recommendations for new fonts, colors, and guidance on moving forward.

Our expertise lies in our strategy sessions, where we engage with clients in hour-long discussions to address any social media queries they may have. Together, we tailor a strategy and outline actionable steps. Additionally, we serve as accountability partners, regularly checking in to ensure progress on the discussed strategies. Interested in mastering social media and developing a robust strategy?


Reach out to us today to learn more about how we can help.

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Want us to help you with a brand refresh?


Our Services

We will work with you to grow your account to reach more of your target audience. 

Social Media Audit 

Social Refresh

Strategy Session

- Analysis of current social account

- Hashtag research

- Bio research and analysis 

- Story highlights recommendation

- 1:1 Strategy session

- Analysis of current content 

- Goals and objective planning

- Standalone or regular catch up

- New grid design 

- CANVA template design 

- Story highlight refresh

- Recommendation for future strategy


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